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The Great American Eclipse

Happy August everyone! This month we have two big eclipses happening; a full lunar eclipse on August 7 (not visible in the USA) and a full solar eclipse on August 21, that's already been named as the Great American Eclipse, as it will only be visible in the United...

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Cherry Tomatoes 3 Different Ways

For those of you that follow me on social media, you might have seen that the cherry tomatoes we planted back in May have exploded :)! The little seedlings we started from scratch are now 6-7 feet tall and fully loaded. On Instagram and Facebook, I asked friends and...

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Pause. Reflect. Breath.

Freedom Seeker How's your summer going? Are you getting in any good reading? I'm just finishing up a lovely book by Beth Kempton called Freedom Seeker. It's chalk full of inspiration, powerful exercises and reminders on how to live fully, worry less and do what you...

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Decadent Chocolate Chia Pudding

Guilt-free Indulging Chia pudding is such an delicious, comforting and healthy option for satisfying an eternal sweet tooth, like the one my husband and I seem to have these days :). I make a batch of these decadent little jars of yumminess every few weeks...for...

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Farmer’s Market fare

It's that time of year, Farmer's Market's around the country are opening up for the season! This weekend we'll be visiting our local market in Old Town Alexandria. I LOVE seeing row after row of fresh fruits and veggies all lined up...these visits always get the...

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Change Makers + National Small Business Week

Change Makers This week I had the honor to be invited by Etsy to a Small Business Roundtable hosted by the National Democratic Caucus on Capital Hill---it was awesome. The event was about 2 hours and there were people from all over the country. It was amazing to hear...

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Planting our future meals

 Envisioning our feasts I love this time of year; when all the envisioning we did in the winter, of the goodness we want to feast on during the summer months, goes into motion :). For the past few years, at the beginning of spring, the hubs and I have been starting...

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