It’s that time of year, Farmer’s Market’s around the country are opening up for the season! This weekend we’ll be visiting our local market in Old Town Alexandria. I LOVE seeing row after row of fresh fruits and veggies all lined up…these visits always get the wheels in my mind turning and my taste buds geared for a delicious meal.

What I also love about Farmer’s Markets is how it brings everyone out–the young, the old and all those in between. It’s such a great, low-key family affair.

This weekend I hope I can find some fresh Anaheim Chillies and sweet strawberries. We’re going to have a little fiesta and I would love to make homemade, eggless Chile Rellenos, rice, beans with all the sides…guac, pico, sour cream and salad. And then top it off with my homemade, Easy-Peezy Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream.

Do you have a farmer’s market that you go to? What’s your favorite thing to enjoy?

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!
Lots of love,




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