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PRAISE for our ART.

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I got this for my mom and she loves it! Yay! I was a bit worried, because it's hard to choose art for someone, but it was a big hit! Thank you for making such beautiful art.



One of my colleagues was admiring my Radiant Calm picture in my office...gotta get more from you for holiday gifts before you go to India!



I am delighted with this expressive print. The words and feeling exuded are joyful. The artist has the unique gift of extending the goodness of her soul through her artwork, so you are not only purchasing a piece of art, but also something that will generate a positive and peaceful aura wherever it is positioned in your home.



I love the passion and creativity you put in your work. I can feel the love in them. I love the colors, images and the way you use collage. I love the words and messages you send out into the world through your art.


THANK YOU KAJAL! OMG. I love them. You are so sweet to send the artwork and magnets, too! The ornaments are beautiful, I’m so excited to give them as gifts…though I’m definitely keeping one for my tree. 😉



Peacocks are an important symbol to me and this one is done beautifully. You can't do the print justice on a computer...the way the tail design jumps from the image. Plus it's a message I need to hear every day...sometimes every hour!



I love this piece! It is a powerful quote presented in a beautiful way. Kajal's artistic ability shines through in all respects--even her professional packaging came decorated : ). I got the coral/white print and it's just right. Especially love her little bird...



This lovely print really does radiate! It's clear it came from the artist's inner knowing. I love its soft multi-dimensional glow. Plus the message of course!



Photos can't do justice to the detail and color in this lovely print. Not to mention I love the title! The item arrived just when the artist said it would and she packed it to my specs due to having a gorilla mail delivery person! So it arrived in perfect shape!




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Thank you for sharing these pictures sacred and your heartfelt insights. They touch to my essence, and no doubt to all who receive your Wholesome Soul. With love and gratitude.




Hi Kajal! Just HAD to take a min to tell you how amazingly creative you are!  I love your updated site and will definitely use your recipes! I also was totally drawn to your new artwork. The color combinations, design variety, and use of mixed media are spectacular!



Thank you Kajal!  Your writings are so beautiful, they touch to my heart:).  I especially enjoy the recipe ideas and your authentic sharing of your life experiences.  Each post never fails to inspire, motivate and is indeed “food” for thought:)

The Light within your essence shines brightly to all who receive your newsletter/posts, much like the flame in the picture sacred you have shared here.

With appreciation.



R. H.

I love your bright shining light.



I just wanted to tell you that I love your writing style and your insights. I love reading your blog. I can see a book or some kind of writing in your future. I’m sure that people benefit from you sharing your insights and life situations with us. Glad you are following your inner wisdom and pursuing activities that bring you joy!




Your writing is so good. It feels like an  one to one conversation.  And it always has so much heart in it. I can actually hear you speaking it when I read your words! Crazy huh?!




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