Ayurvedic Dosha Consult

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Living


/ˌäyər ˈvādə/

the original lifestyle medicine



our individual mind-body constitution; energies that governs our physical, mental and emotional characteristics

Everybody and every body is different

Ayurveda is personalized lifestyle medicine. It gives you the knowledge and tools to create a healthy, happy life while realizing your full human potential. Therefore, in order to be truly healthy, we can't just take care of our physical body—we need to address our whole being the health of our mind, body, spirit, and environment so that we can experience a state of wholeness.

Ayurveda focuses on the unique qualities of the individual—how we each respond to different foods, environments, exercise programs, and other life experiences.

The Three Doshas

The three doshas are made up of the five elements—space, air, fire, water, and earth. From these elements, come the three doshas—Vata, Pitta and Kapha. And, the amount of each of those doshas varies from person to person.

How the five elements show up in your body is the first step in any Ayurvedic journey.

In this introductory consultation, you will discover your unique dosha (mind-body type) and begin to understand Ayurveda principles as it pertains specifically to you.

First we will identify your Prakriti (mind-body blueprint from birth). And then from there we identify your Vikruti (the current state of your mind-body type), which helps us understand where there may be imbalances.

This then serves as a basis for you to tailor Ayurvedic wisdom to your needs.

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step one

Schedule your consultation + fill out intake forms

Upon registering, you'll be sent a series of intake documents; once completed you will schedule your consultation. 

step two

We’ll meet

We’ll meet and review your forms, I'll share on your dosha and how to tailor Ayurvedic wisdom to help address your intentions. Come with questions! Get personal, so you can get the support you want to radiate your best well-being.

step three

You’ll start your Ayurvedic well-being journey

Leave with a greater understanding of your dosha, and 1-3 suggestions to support your well-being intentions right away.

Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life.

Pricing + Logistics

All consultations are 90-minutes in length and take place via Zoom video sessions.


Schedule A Consultation

Ayurveda relies on momentum for success. This is best achieved with on-going coaching, which can be done via Zoom. Our 6-month package includes a complimentary dosha consultation. 

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