3 Ways to Ground Yourself (through the intensity of our current times)

reflections Aug 02, 2022

How do you ground yourself throughout the day?

As we make our way into the last month of the summer, it's hard not to feel the intense energy of the world right now. As a collective we've been living through a very traumatic time in history. Filled with a 1,000-faced pandemic that won't go away, politic differences that seem to keep getting wider, a war that seems to have no end in sight, abnormal weather patterns, raging fires, floods and other devastating natural disasters and economic highs and lows that are creating a lot of instability for the entire world. And that's all just on macro-level.
Most people I know, including myself :)....are also dealing with a micro-level versions of that intensity within their personal lives ... so how do you ground yourself throughout the day?
Below are my top 3 recommendations :).

3 WAYS to ground yourself (through the intensity of our current times)

  1. Get Still Daily – I can't fully express how powerful my daily meditation practiceI know this because when I miss a  few days, I feel it. And when I miss a few weeks, the people around me feel it :).
    Taking time at the beginning of your day to get centered, quiet and grounded can do amazing things as you deal others and the challenges that come up throughout your day. Even, if that means starting with 5 minutes–start with 5 minutes and work your way to more.
    For me personally, things have been pretty hectic in the mornings this summer. There were a few weeks, where I was going to bed pretty late, so would end up hitting snooze, which then lead me to rush my morning routine (a.k.a. skip my morning meditation practice). It didn't take me long to see how much I missed my morning routine...for my own sanity and those around me. So, even as things have stayed super busy, I try my best to create space for 5-10 min to do a few minutes of deep breathing (pranayama) followed by focusing inwards on my breathe. That little bit of stillness is something I get to carry with me all day long....

  2. Be Kind to Yourself – I truly believe when we can learn to be kind to ourselves, we can then wholeheartedly be kind to others. Kindness can start with self-love and self-care. When you take care of yourself, that's when you can wholeheartedly show up and be present, focused and receptive to others.

    Kindness towards yourself could show up as:
    - going to bed early so that you can get a good night’s sleep
    - squelching negative self-talk with self-love
    - waking up 15 minutes earlier so that you can start a daily meditation practice
    - leaving work at a reasonable time so you can fit in a yoga class
    - making time over the weekend to do a little menu planning + prep for nourishing weeknight meals
    - opting for a walk rather than just couch time after dinner
    - setting a boundary around your daily self-care time

  3. Connect with Kindreds – Our current times have been isolating. So, having a group of friends or community of like-minded people that you can lean on can make a huge difference; especially if you choose quality over quantity. Friends, family and community groups-- surround yourself with people that nourish you.
    I personally love connecting with my sister daily, and a few good friends throughout the week. They're like touchstones that warm my heart.

    I also have a deep appreciation for my Sunday morning meditation group. Through covid, we've been able to move our programs online, so even if we're not able to meet in person, we can show up online
    Sunday mornings to chant and meditate together. I love being able to gather and send positive energy into the world as a collective. It's definitely the most uplifting morning of the week :).
To counter act these intense times, I think the most important thing we can all do right now, is remind ourselves that we can't pour from any empty cup. So when we take time to build in ways to fill our well-being cup up and keep it overflowing, we have a greater chance to serve and support those around us.

Here are a few ways we could work together:

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