Hello Fall Intentions, Good Bye New Year's Resolutions :).

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Wholesome Soul - original artwork by Kajal Dhabalia


A Quiet Abundance That Set You Wild and Free

For the past few years I've naturally stopped making new year's resolutions, and I have to say the new year feels so much lighter. The more intentional I've gotten with my actions and daily routine, and with infusing self-love into my being-- the less I feel like I need to make drastic resolutions at the start of a new calendar year. 

It's definitely a feeling of quiet abundance that sets you wild and free. ✨


Good-bye New Year's Resolutions

When we're not living an intentional life on an on-going basis, it's easy to think that the idea of a new year being a clean slate to start with will be enough motivation needed to make big changes to diet and lifestyle.

The truth is that when we try to make big changes all at once and we don't have a plan, support, accountability in place...it's really hard to stick to our ambitious NY's resolutions. The fitness app Strava conducted a study in 2019 and found that January 19th is the day most NY resolutions are abandoned. That's not even 3 weeks in...

Does that feel familiar to you?


Hello Fall Intentions

Too often we want to fit into a universal box of well-being...getting to a certain weight, using foods that everyone is using, exercising for xx amount of time like everyone else, etc, etc.... when in actuality we are each as unique as a snowflake. So instead of trying to fit into a box, why not build your own box around you and your unique Ayurvedic dosha...that not only meets you where you're at, but adapts with you as life changes and new seasons unfold. 

If you're ready for small but powerful incremental changes NOW, come get intentional with me this fall. So that come the New Year you'll be a whole different place in your well-being journey... where you're not setting resolutions, but you're already living your intentions!

Here are a few ways we could work together:


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