Lifestyle Fatigue: A Post-Pandemic Transition Side-Effect

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Lifestyle Fatigue: A Post Pandemic Transition Side Effect


Another season, another transition. Seems to be the epic theme of life: change + on-going transitions 🙃.


As a collective, it seems like we're moving into a new transition. We're now equipped with vaccines and new boosters, yet there's still a wonder if we will see another spike as we head in the fall/winter. It seems like we're now in a period between restricted-pandemic and official post-pandemic living.


I read a great article this morning on Huffington Post, "More and More People Have 'Lifestyle Fatigue'. Maybe You Do, Too". It talks about how 2+ years of pandemic living has affected our mental health. With the much needed social distancing restrictions, these measures drastically changed our daily activities and social interactions. It's been tough on extroverts, but also on introverts--because as humans, we're wired for connection.


It's Okay To Feel This Way...You're Not Alone

As much as the world is trying to get back to "normal", 2019 pre-pandemic living.... it's not that easy. After not being as social for the past 2+ years, social events can nerve-wrecking, anxiety filled and down right exhausting--masks or no masks. Many are running into a lack of energy, motivation and finding it difficult to find things they really enjoy now. Meeting up with friends for dinner, going to a local festival/event, planning travel....a lot of the pre-pandemic things that use to bring joy, just don't have the same effect now.


As the article goes on to say, when our fight-flight-freeze response has been activated for too long, it can result in sadness and a form of mental exhaustion. Our mind-body units are craving deep rest. Rest that doesn't involve being in emergency mode. But, deep rest that's free of new possible variants, free from the fear of getting the virus and spreading it to a loved one, free from feeling uncomfortable about getting on a plane, meeting up with friends and attending social events that require mingling and small talk.


It's hard to be who you were in 2019 after living through such an intense period in history. The world is different. And frankly, we're each different. The intensity of uncertainty, grief and isolation that we've each experienced doesn't just go away. So, it's ok to feel all the feelings that come up, as we slowly transition into this in-between period.


Find Things That Help You Feel Better.

Adding some grounding well-being practices/activities to add to your daily routine can be a supportive move. Specifically, activities that make you feel both productive and happy, could be of great benefit during this transition. Maybe that means you commit to an exercise practice, meditation routine or opt to cook wholesome meals for yourself. When you're able to add something that's both nourishing and productive, that sense of accomplishment can help you feel better.

Personally, my number one well-being practice is my daily meditation practice. Meditation is truly an all-in-one practice that's priceless and has endless benefits.


Need Help Getting Started? 

If you're not sure where to start, coaching is a great place to begin. 1:1 Coaching provides a safe container for you to move from where you're at to where you want to go. As you start to shift your priorities to the things that really matter to you, make healthier choices when it comes to your routine and lifestyle and make time to reflect and go within you not only open up a whole new door within yourself, but you allow yourself to show up in the world in a more authentic, meaningful way. The best part is when you move towards a happier, healthier and more true version of you, the ripple effect is that you often inspire others to do the same :). >>>Get Started


I hope this fall is greeting you gently. And that you're equally gentle with yourself. 

With love,


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