Together, Stronger and Wiser

community death grief reflections Nov 14, 2019



Surviving the "Season of Firsts"

As I continue down my journey of grief, I’ve now started what my wise friend Lee calls, the “season of firsts”. In October I experienced my first Diwali without my mom…soon I’ll also experience my first Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, anniversary, birthday….and so many other, under usual circumstances, happy and festive occasions, without my mom. Which if Diwali is any indication of what this season is all about….it’s a doozy of a time. So much more harder than I could have ever imagined.

However, I’m so grateful for the unity, love and support that springs from strong families, friendships and organizations that feed your soul. These are vital forces in so many society’s—internationally, domestically, locally….and definitely in my personal universe. 



Together, we're stronger + wiser

What I’ve learned is together, we are stronger and wiser. These words mean so much to me and can be found in more than one of my paintings. Especially with the holiday season on the horizon, more than ever I’m grateful for my family, tribe of friends and meditation community that I’ve grown to surround myself with.






My mom came from a family of eight brothers and sisters, and each one of them has a thriving family of their own. With that many people in our family, we have experienced and weathered a fair share of life issues: domestic abuse, mental illness, addiction, teen pregnancy, death, new life, adultery…you name it and we’ve probably dealt with it. But the amazing thing is that no matter what our family has had to face, we’ve come together—so what could feel like a monumental crisis, is absorbed by many, rather than just one. That deep love and support has created a sense of security and knowing that we’ll always be there to help each other through life’s up and downs…..because as Helen Keller said it, “alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”.

A Tribe of Like-Minded Friends 

In my ripe old age of 41, I’ve come to learn when life hands you lemons, you quickly learn who your real friends are. They’re the tribe that sticks right by your side passing you the sugar as you learn how to wash, measure and mix life’s ups and down to make some sweet lemonade.

They’re also the ones that show up, day after day, month after month…lifting you up and providing ample doses of love, comfort, nourishment, light, warmth, gratitude and adventure….whatever it takes to serve as a source of inspiration and insight.



I’ve also learned over and over that we are stronger and wiser together, through my meditation practice and community . My gurus, Shri Dhyanyogji and Anandi Ma have stressed for decades on the importance of group meditation practices and how they can build up positive, uplifting, healing energy in a real fast, tangible and productive way. Research too has shown when groups get together to meditate the vibrations change—once again demonstrating, together we are a force to reckon with.

And lastly, on a professional level, as an illustrator, maker and entrepreneur I’ve learned that connecting with my customers, creating a community to grow with, and developing a network of like-minded creatives is a really important part of building a strong business. Because when you work together you are not alone. You have the knowledge and support of those around you that once again, makes you stronger and wiser, together.



I find these  connections in my life to be invaluable…my heart is overflowing with gratitude for my family, friends and community. Your love and support has definitely helped carry me through these past few months….THANK YOU. 



Here are a few ways we could work together:

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