NOVEMBER 2015: self-care toolbox

November 05, 2015

Dear Friends,Original Artwork by Kajal Dhabalia, Wholesome Soul

November is here and holiday festivities will be soon starting…so what are you consciously doing to stay centered and take care of yourself at this time?

In my Holiday Self-Care Toolbox, the two things I will be relying most, will be:

1. Making a point not to miss my daily yoga practices
2. And, consciously choosing fresh and nourishing over sweet and chocolatey :).

I’m slowly learning, when things are the busiest and I think, “I’ll just skip yoga/meditation today” or “I don’t have time for lunch”…that is actually when I need it the most or else the chances of overwhelm and sweet cravings knocking on my door is much more likely.

I know it’s not as easy as it sounds…but even when you’re on the go….grabbing an afternoon smoothie over a pumpkin latte or Chipotle Veggie Bowl over some other kind of fast food is an alternative that is most likely going to give you a boost in energy rather than make you feel dull and lethargic. And sometime my meditations may only happen for 10 mins…but in my book a little is better than none. Being hard on ourselves does not really help stress levels, lol :)….believe me, I know!

What’s in your HOLIDAY SELF- CARE TOOLBOX? Leave me a comment below….I’d love to hear what you do!

Before I go, I wanted to give you a little sneak peek into this month as we have a lot of special and fun things coming up!


To start off with, next week I have a special interview with the author of one of my favorite bloggers, Lakshmi from Pure Veg. In the interview, this talented writer, photographer and everyday yogini will be sharing her spiritual journey and thoughts on her new book.

And the week of Thanksgiving, I’ll be sharing a deliciously yummy and easy holiday recipe….that you’ll surely want to make from now until Christmas :).


And, in the spirit of the holidays, I will be hosting a several giveaways this month and in Dec….so keep your eyes and ears open for how to enter!


Lastly, don’t miss our Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale at the end of the month! Avoid long lines and traffic…and visit us from the comfort of your home for some soulful, heartwarming and handmade gifts to share with your friends, family and yourself :)!

We’re going to have small wood block, big woodblocks, ex-large prints, matted prints, magnets, notecards and much more…!

Hope you all are healthy and happy!
with love,

For those of you on social media, especially Instagram and Facebook, follow me as I share my daily creations for ART EVERY DAY MONTH. Many of these babies will be  up for sale in Dec, so scope out your favorites….and stay tuned for more details!

NOV 6 | 7pm
Del Ray Artisans | Cash & Carry ExhibitNOV 14 | 11- 6 pm
Bethany House of NOVA, Holiday BazaarDEC 4, 5, 6 | Fri, 6-9pm, Sat-Sun 11am- 6pm
Del Ray Artisans | Holiday Market
Next week our Holiday Cards will be going on sale! And to spread the joy, we’ll be giving away a few sets to…hopefully YOU, so keep your eyes open for more details next week :)!

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