Pre-Holiday Tune-Up

October 10, 2016

“Mental” Road Trip Prep

21-day Cleanse | Oct 23- Nov 11

When my hubby and I are about to take a road trip, we generally: tidy up our car, get it tuned up if we’re going a long distance, fuel up before we hit the road and always try to pack in extra goodies that will help keep our energy levels up….like our favorite tunes, good snacks, lots of water and a sufficient amount of handi-wipes for the inevitable little messes that happen along the way :). Then, once on the road, we’ll keep an eye on the gas gauge, clean our windshield off when we refuel, throw out the trash several times, maybe get in a quick walk or stretch when we see a pretty view….basically, when all goes smoothly, inside and out, we stay in good spirits…which means happy times for all.

Now if you think about our bodies like cars and the approaching holiday season as a “mental” road trip :), wouldn’t you say now is the time we should be “tuning” into ourselves and prepping for the trip :). That way, everyone that’s in the car with us (a.k.a our family and friends)  can also benefit and enjoy the holiday season a little more, without having to deal with the repercussions of us running on empty, getting a flat tire…or worst, breaking down :)?

So, I thought it’d be helpful to share some of what I plan on focusing between Oct 23- Nov 11, before the busy-ness of the holidays sneaks up, schedules get full, days get long and weekly tune-ups and daily re-fuelings get side-swiped :).

And, if you’d like to join me in my Pre-Holiday Tune-Up….I’d love the company!

Yoga + Exercise

45-60 minutes of movement everyday day.

So whether that’s a combination of hatha yoga, pranayama, meditation, walking, an aerobics class, riding a bike….anything that allows me to step away from my phone/social media and connect with myself, nature and those around me counts. I know that when I take the time to do this, the mental break and movement, helps me let go of what’s weighing me down so that I can be more engaged when I do plug back in. I’ve also noticed that when my exercise routine is in high-gear, it kinda gives me a running start so that as the holiday get together’s, shopping trips, baking fests, etc., etc…. start filling the calendar, my exercise time is less likely to be moved or cancelled because it’s already in motion. Plus, I love when I can meet a friend for yoga + tea rather than just tea…there’s just so much more connection.

Clean Eating

Pack in extra greens + veggies, and satisfy sweet cravings with fruit + smoothies!

As a gluten-free vegetarian, my meals are already pretty vegetable rich, but over the next month I’ll be packing my meals with extra greens and veggies, satisfying my sugar cravings with fruit and green smoothies, and as the cooler season moves in, I plan on staying hydrated by sipping on a variety of herbal teas and hot water with lemon (my fav!). I’ve noticed when I do this, after a few weeks of  filling my body with cleaner, less addictive foods, I naturally gravitate towards healthier options…so that when the cookies, cakes, and rich holiday foods start showing up daily, I may indulge in some of those treats but feel satisfied with smaller portions…and in all honesty, when you’re on the natural sugar wagon long enough, processed sugars and goodies just don’t feel as satisfying as an apple with peanut butter :)…or sweets that are more fruit filled rather than flour, sugar and butter based. Honestly :).

Sweet Dreams

Create a bedtime ritual for deep, rejuvenating sleep.

Sleep experts, like Arianna Huffington, have proven through extensive research that creating a comforting, bedtime ritual + turning off your phone, 20-30 minutes before you shut your eyes for the night, can have a dramatic effect on your sleep. And deep sleep is one of the most healing, rejuvenating gifts you can give yourself. So, my bedtime routine is going to consist of putting my phone in sleep mode, enjoying a cup of hot tea, a little lavender lotion on my feet and some happy reading or sketching before bedtime…even if it’s some nights I can only do it a few minutes, I know it’ll make a big difference in the long run.


To get a free copy of this 21-day calendar & checklist and join me for a little internal prep before the hustle and bustle of the holiday season begins, just click here :)!  Then join our private facebook group, share what your focus is going to be…and then let’s support each other :)!

These are just a few subtle but powerful things that I think if worked into our schedules between now and mid-November… will surely result in an inner sparkle and outer glow that will be undeniable as the holiday season hustle and bustle begins!

Lots of love,



Download your free 21-day Pre-Holiday Tune-Up Calendar + Checklist



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