#100 Day Project Exhibition Prep

September 21, 2016

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Putting on the final touches

I've always enjoyed planning events; parties, dinners, retreats, workshops :). Prior to the event, you think of a theme, plan a menu, interact with people at stores, possibly put together a loose schedule of how you want the day or evening to unfold and bounce thoughts and ideas off of friends and/or co-hosts.

Then you prep the location...you may clean a little, put up decorations, put together party favors, pull out your finest china---something to make it feel special. And when all your friends/attendees come...although you may have an informal idea of how you want the evening to unfold, a lot happens organically as people connect, mingle and one conversation leads to another. Everything's pretty tangible.

An "On-line Affair to Remember" :)

When planning for things virtually, it's a whole different experience! Although there's no physical location to prep, I'm learning that planning an interactive, virtual, online Art Opening Reception + week-long Art Exhibition requires a whole different level of detail to attention when it comes to the logistics, scheduling and wanting to keep things flowing :).....

Since the location is on-line I've been busy cleaning all my virtual spaces :) and making them feel extra special for this exhibition. And although I'm not planning a menu of delicious finger foods and rejuvenating beverages, I am working on creating a week full of little surprises and an Opening Reception that is fun and interactive!

Wholesome Soul | #100 Day Project Art Exhibit

Opening Reception + Exhibit Details

The Opening Reception will be on Tuesday, Sept 27 from 8-10 pm and the location will be on our W.S. #100 Day Project Exhibit Facebook event page. It’s going to be an evening of gratitude + inspiration, exclusive originals + prints, and lots of love! The best part is that you get to socialize, get inspired and shop all from the comfort of your own home! ♥ You'll be able to grab your favorite beverage, throw on your comfiest pair of yoga pants, light your favorite candle and come celebrate with me---it's going to be an on-line affair to remember:)! For all the info and to join me for the evening, you can click here: W.S. #100 Day Project Exhibit Opening Reception. This will be an evening designated just for you, to come relax, get inspired, meet some new friends and maybe see a few old ones, too! So plan on coming as you are, wherever you are…just come ready to share what inspires you, peruse some art, and maybe even do some early holiday shopping :) ! Looking forward to connecting with you all very soon! Here's to virtual hugs, kisses and many little doses of BIG inspiration coming your way! With a whole lotta love, Kajal  

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