December 31, 2012

  My words for 2012 were BALANCE, INSPIRATION & CONTENTMENT. A lot of reconnecting and rediscovering...my purpose, my vision and my potential. Boy, what a year it’s been. Through searching for balance 2012 brought me the much needed clarity I was looking for.


One of my favorite sayings is…”when the student is ready, the teacher shows up”. Granted the saying usually has to do with a spiritual teacher…but this year it showed up in the form of an amazing business class---The last place I would have ever looked. But this class was designed in such a way that there was such an amazingly rich spiritual component to it. It made me dig deep and sort through my fears so that I could have the clarity to see myself for who I really am, what I really want out of this life…and who I really want to have along for the journey. It’s been a full-on year of self-discoveries, letting go of the past, deep intentions and delicious steps forward. As Aries, patience is not a virtue that comes easily, but I’m learning to really ENJOY the beauty that is within a journey and that’s really what I’ve started this year…my journey towards doing what I love to do… a life rich in creativity, deep spirituality and being true to myself. It’s a journey full of many seasons…some warm, some cold and some in between. And the road is long and full of big hills, but there are also green valleys, beautiful flowers, refreshing rains and the sun shining bright. This year my journey has taught me that risks are definitely worth taking, working out & doing yoga regularly greatly helps fuel my happiness bug, playing is essential in keeping the creative juices flowing…and being true to myself is the most important part of stepping into my own light. Some of my favorite highlights of this year have been:
  • Embracing my love for ART and all things creative.
  • Picking up a part-time job so that I can let my creative juices flow, without the pressure of producing financially right away.
  • Assisting in helping Anandi Ma and Dileepj with their Sattvic Cooking for Soul Workshop.
  • Appling to my first Art Fair.
  • Volunteer cooking at Dhyanyoga Centers…during our biggest retreat this year we hosted close to 225 people….I love feeding people!
  • Visiting my sister in Washington D.C. –we had a BALL.
  • Hubbie and I went on a foodie camping trip with our friends…totally FUN!
  • Shared my art with the world for the first time by opening my On-line Store.
  • Became a contributing writer to Shakti-Online where I feature different vegetarian, sattvic recipes of mine.
  • Revamped the Wholesome Soul website and blog.
  • Took my first wholesale order.
  • And, said YES to teaching several Workshops in 2013.
  I’m so excited for 2013. There are so many more chapters to come in this journey of discovering and evolving,…a lot of yummy things yet to come!


I am so grateful to... An amazing group of followers...you all make me want to write more, create deliciousness outside of the box and love widely. My family and that have stood next me the past few years as I’ve been digging and searching. Their love, support and encouragement has been an invaluable source of my inspiration and comfort…I’m definitely fortunate. And my spiritual teacher, my touchstone, Shri Anandi Ma has been my guiding light, my grace in action….showing me that you can live in the world and yet not be consumed by the world. My deepest New Year pranams to all above.

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