35 years in the making.

March 22, 2013

I can't believe I'm 35 today!  In my wee little years, this is what I've learned so far.... Kajal-35 years.
  1. There's always a great reason to celebrate. (thanks for that one, Dad!)
  2. Eating fresh foods makes a HUGE difference.
  3. Real friends are shining beacons of light during your darkest days.
  4. Experimenting is more fun than following a recipe.
  5. I'm most creative when I take the time to be with myself.
  6. I have the most AMAZING family ever. I LOVE YOU ALL.
  7. Hot cocoa and hot baths are super soothing.
  8. Balance is key---in cooking, in relationships and on the spiritual path.
  9. We're all imperfectly perfect; so don't be so hard on yourself.
  10. Remembering that "this too shall pass".
  11. A smile can make all the difference.
  12. It's important to listen to the whispers in your heart.
  13. Popcorn dinners are delicious.
  14. Being married to my best friend is a blessing.
  15. Gratitude makes everything better.
  16. Hard work pays off...eventually.
  17. What is, is perfect.
  18. If planted well, basil can grow into a bush.
  19. Don't wait for someone or something, create your own happiness.
  20. Investing in upgrading your lifestyle is the best medicine for the soul.
  21. God resides in every single one of us.
  22. Sometimes you have to choose whether you really want to be happy or just right.
  23. Triphala really does help make you regular. And being regular is a great thing.
  24. Change is inevitable; embracing it makes it easier.
  25. Cashews are a revolutionary ingredient in vegan cooking.
  26. Being gluten free is not as bad as it sounds.
  27. Life is short and the maya is strong.
  28. Staying active is key in staying young at heart.
  29. Whatever we leave to God, God does and blesses us.--Henry D. Thoreau
  30. Loving ourselves and all our flaws is essential.
  31. Creating a daily practice of gratitude and meditation goes a long way.
  32. Being brave and stepping into your own light is a beautiful thing.
  33. Endorphins released from working out are AWESOME and do wonders.
  34. Chocolate and coconut are a truly delicious combination.
  35. There are blessings everywhere; we just have to be open to seeing them.
Thank you for your love and support....I love blogging with you all! Have a great day! Love, xo, Kajal

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