a BRIDGE to ourselves.

June 19, 2012

a BRIDGE to ourselves.

[caption id="attachment_1379" align="aligncenter" width="614"] 2012 © COPYRIGHT KAJAL DHABALIA, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.[/caption] I love weekends like I just had......where my soul gets to bathe in the energy of Truth, transformation and like minded-souls! Thursday, Friday and Saturday night Dhyanyoga Centers hosted public meditation programs with Shri Anandi Ma, Saturday morning they held a "Success Through the Breath Workshop" and on Sunday afternoon some of their students hosted an informal Tea and Satsang with Shri Anandi and Dileepji for Father's Day. All in all, it was a great weekend, packed with lots of divine energy, happy people and an abundance of gold nuggets. The meditation programs had attendance that ranged from 70-90 people every night. For those of you that have never meditated in the presence of such an elevated soul like Shri Anandi Ma or with a group that size....let me tell you it makes for some rich, deep and beautiful meditations....Dhyanyogiji always recommended meditating in groups when possible; he said the collective energy helps elevate everyone's meditation. Following meditation each night, Shri Anandi and Dileepji gave a talk and then did a question and answer period. My favorite talk and questions and answers period was on Saturday, when they spoke on 2012 and gave yogic insight on the Ages and how we are so far from "the end"...despite various calendars that say otherwise. NUGGET #1--- All we need to do is focus us on going within and back to our infinite selves....meditate daily! Then on Saturday morning, the workshop was filled was a lot of amazing specifics on pranayama (yogic breathing techniques) that I had never heard of...Dileepji said that NUGGET #2--- "The breath is bridge between the soul and God"....it's our vital energy force....it's the one thing we do from the very first day we're born to the very last day before we die...no one teaches us how to do it....we just do it...it's a constant flow of Grace and God's constant presence in our lives...(I love that!). Then they taught some techniques on how you can literally start the day of on the right foot through your breathing. And then Sunday, about 40 of us spent the afternoon with Shri Anandi Ma and Dileepji...sipping on some fresh chai, nibbling on some sweet treats, basking in TRUTH and asking some last lingering questions from the jam-packed weekend of insightful events. During that satsang (in the company of truth), there were many questions pertaining to religion....and the path of yoga.  Shri Anandi Ma emphasized that there is only ONE absolute energy (call it God, energy, the Source... whatever you want to)...the saints and sages are just messengers of this energy....what humans did with these messages is another story....In short, religions are man-made, while spirituality is experience-based....like Ramakrishna said, "Spirituality begins where religion ends". The basic point Shri Anandi Ma and Dileepji were trying to make is... NUGGET #3--- If you want to learn what sugar tastes like, then you can read all about it and interview every single person who's ever had it...but until you TRY it and experience it for yourself...you'll never know what it's like....the same goes for spirituality....you can read all about it and take the word of others, or you can close your eyes and head inward so that you can experience and find out for yourself....I LOVE THAT! Have a great week everyone...hope you take some time, to close your eyes, focus on your breath and go inwards...I know I'm going to!

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