A Yogi's Guide to Abundance

November 02, 2015

Abundance = Be Grateful. Do Good. Have Faith.

This weekend I was listening to Mantras for Abundance by Shri Anandi Ma and Dileepji and as always they made me feel so grateful for my yoga practice and the wealth of wisdom that it brings to my life. Although wealth is most often associated with worldly possessions and riches, Dileepji beautifully shares in the intro of this recording, that money is only a part of the picture; true wealth is a state of mind that comes from gratitude, good deeds and faith in the divine. [caption id="attachment_7132" align="aligncenter" width="650"]What Is | by Kajal Dhabalia, Wholesome Soul Extra-large prints available now :)![/caption] So as we begin November and kick-off the holiday season of reflecting and giving gratitude...here's a sweet yogic reminder of what inner abundance and wealth mean:
"Good health is abundance. Love of family and friends is abundance. Understanding and satisfaction is abundance. In spite of sincere efforts if all that is desired is not obtained...learning to accept divine will is abundance. Sharing your gifts with those who are in need is and will bring abundance. Just as cross ventilation is needed for a breeze to pass, giving will allow grace to flow. Honest and and sincere hard work will bring a state of mind that is peaceful and tranquil. Never attempt to hurt or put others down for success ; this will sooner or later hit like a boomerang. Inner peace is abundance. A millionaire needs to take sleeping pills to rest; another is snoring on the street on just a newspaper, understand this to be abundance. One person has millions on hand and is still worried about the future and family. Another has just a twenty dollar bill in his pocket but is not concerned about tomorrow or the future. Know this to be abundance. Most of all, please remember the source of all abundance, allow that divine presence in your heart and life and you will be the richest person." - Shri Anandi Ma & Dileepji from the intro to Mantras for Abundance
So what are you grateful for and how does Abundance show up in your life? With lots of love, Kajal p.s.  Theses mantras are not only beautiful, but are definitely soothing and powerful.To hear a sample track or for more info, click here---> Mantras for Abundance by Shri Anandi Ma & Dileepji.

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