AIR bed & breakfast

July 19, 2012

Great for a weekend getaway....

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="639"] Romantic Hideout in Paris...for $76 a night :)![/caption] For all you travel lovers out're gonna love this AWESOME website. 

Find a place to stay. Rent from people in 26,418 cities and 192 countries.

Not only is it great for all different types of budgets, but the variety of accommodations is super cool....whole houses, studio apartments, just a room, amazing cottage treehouses....and best of all there are places all around the world!

Hope you find a place that fits your budget for a last-minute summer get-away! It'll be worth it! 

Also, if you stumble upon any cool listings...share below, PLEASE!

Have a magical day!

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