Breath Through it All

June 29, 2016


That's what my mantra for June has been.... just breathe through it all :). Between back to back festivals out of state, crazy allergies and intense world events, it's been a roller coaster kinda month. One of my favorite moments this month was when my husband and I arrived in Denver for the Hanuman Festival and were greeted by NONE of our four bags arriving :). How crazy is that? ...the odds of all four not showing up :). We definitely got a chuckle out of it...and a minor panic attack, but luckily it was short lived. All four bags arrived later that evening and the rest of the weekend turned out GREAT! Although Colorado was experiencing a wee-bit of a heat wave (95 degrees daily) and the Cottonwood Trees were extremely busy shedding an insane amount of their pollen :), there were moments like the one I captured above in Boulder, CO....a reminder that the grace is flowing, and that sometimes, letting go and just riding the wave and taking in all the beauty is the best way to go. How's your summer going? Hope you're breathing through it all, too! Lots of love, Kajal    

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