Commissioned Paintings

November 02, 2011

Originally posted September 6, 2011 on Kajalita Designs.


This summer I had a great opportunity to join United Way of the Bay Area in it’s new campaign “MAKE IT BE”; a campaign targeted to cut cut poverty in half in the Bay Area by 2020. (

 I was asked if I could do some hand drawn paintings that would include a portrait of the person that they were featuring, plus bring in the aspects of the organization that they represent. And then during the next phase of this campaign they plan to use these portraits in some of their marketing materials. It was awesome doing this project as it really allowed me to use my art skills in a new way that I never have before. For each portrait, they provided a photograph and a bio of the person/ organization.

Custom paintings/ portraits are not only a unique and thoughtful approach for a marketing campaign, but an excellent gift to give a loved one for the holidays or a special occasion...a perfect way to capture a time spent together, a special moment or an unforgettable vacation...whatever the picture, when made into a painting is made that much more special.

Click here to learn more about commissioning your very own painting.

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