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December 15, 2015

You Inspire....I Create!

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Sisterly Love Commission

It's been really busy around much goodness going on that I can't resist not sharing it! This week I finished up three lovely commission pieces for a dear friend of mine from college....they were so fun to do! She wanted to give something special to her sisters that encompassed their love, friendship and the gratitude she held for each of them. So, after a few phone conversations and a little questionnaire, I created these three pieces to celebrate their sisterly bond! I absolutely love the way they turned out :) girls are definitely evolving! And stay tuned, because this January these girls will be available as prints in shop :)!   Commissions, art therapy, stroke, sketch, adult color books

Art Therapy and It's Many Forms

And then, right before Thanksgiving, an old friend of mine and I reconnected and she told me the sad news of her mom having a stroke this year. As a doctor, she's been exploring all sorts of therapies, one of them being art therapy. She explained how children's color books were too easy and adult color books had too much detail....and after seeing my work she thought her mom would really enjoy working with me. So after a little brainstorming, we came up with the idea that I would sketch 3 canvases for her to paint for each of her grandchildren for the holidays. She wanted the commission to be Indian themed and something that the grandchildren could relate we decided to do 3 animals: peacock, elephant and lion. Here are the sketches....I can't wait to see what her mom does with them and they will impact her recovery!

 Mixed Media Wall Art

December Giveaway Winners

Lastly, happy to announce our three winners for the Joyfoodly® Giveaway; I will be passing your names on to Joyfoodly® and they will contacting you regarding your free lifetime membership to their Joyful 12™ Online Kitchen Learning Lab!


JEN | "What a great blog with beautiful photos! Im inspired to chef it up this week! My two equally loved veggies are cauliflower because its able to become almost anything! I just used it in chili! And brocolli because its the only veggie my husband will eat and its green and makes me feel like Ive fed him well." DIANE | " Terrific post. Thank you! Love how Holly incorporates teaching children as part of the preparation/delivery of the meal. I love most veggies but brussel sprouts and asparagus are currently at the top of my list! Would actually love to try this recipe w/ carrots and brussel sprouts! I love cooking with some foodie friends as well as just at home with my boyfriend." CARRIE | "I love roasted cauliflower. My grandson loves to help me cook it with different sauces or seasonings." Thank you to everyone that entered and shared their veggie love...I love hearing from you all! And just as a reminder, I'm offering free shipping all orders over $35 until 12/18/15, just use coupon code  HOLIDAYLOVE2015 when checking out! Lots of love, Kajal  

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