Computer-free Saturdays.

January 26, 2013

“How beautiful is it to rest and then do nothing afterward.” ---Spanish proverb I'm sure many of you out there will be able to relate to this...I always have a mighty to-do list and love chipping away at it...especially at the beginning of the year when I'm excited to set new resolutions, get organized and be uber productive. This past past fall, my days were pretty packed which left me a little depleted after the holidays. So this new year, I've had a hard time kicking the "sickies" out of my body. I guess it doesn't help that I'm not a good sick person to begin with; as an Aries I want to get better NOW...not in a few days...and I definitely don't want to stop because I have too much to do--- that's just not a good way to start the New Year . Well, I think my learning lessons are coming early this year and one of them is definitely remembering in the midst of all that new year focus, it's really important to take time to REST and REJUVENATE.

Original Artwork by Kajal Dhabalia

After all, it's winter right now and I have to consciously remind myself that seasonally it's time for hibernating. And just to clarify, hibernating doesn't mean not doing anything. The trees and flowers are quiet, but at the root level are doing a lot to get ready for those little buds to come shooting out in the spring---and so should we! Come springtime we'll be all about action until the holidays come again in December. So, I'm trying something new this winter...I'm going to try to make Saturday's a computer free day! I realize you're probably reading this on Saturday (I pre-wrote it on Friday), but I was hoping to inspire you this beautiful Saturday morning to join me in devoting some time to YOU. So far I've filled my Saturdays doing a lot of different things: I usually try to fit in my favorite community yoga class (which I highly recommend checking out), I've taken some beautiful hikes with my family, caught up reading some of my favorite magazines and books, did some volunteer work, had some friends over for dinner...and today we're taking a small day trip to visit some friends. As easy as it sounds, it's been a little hard breaking my habit of checking my emails daily periodically throughout the day, but gosh it really feels great to disconnect and give my mind and body some breathing room. I hope you can take the time to do the same. "Tension is who you think you should be.  Relaxation is who you are."  ---Chinese Proverb Happy Saturday Everyone! xo, Kajal

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