Deepest Gratitude & Adoration

October 10, 2014

SonomaThis past summer I had the fortune of spending quite a bit of time with my meditation teacher Shri Anandi Ma. For those of you that don't know, Anandi Ma is a spiritual master in the lineage of Kundalini Maha Yoga. Her mission is to help people reach their true selves through meditation; and she has students all across the world. For those of you that haven't read This House is on Fire, I highly suggest reading this powerful written biography on Dhyanyogiji, as told by Shri Anandi Ma. The book has an extraordinary ability to light a fire in your heart and leave you thirsting for more personal spiritual knowledge and experience; in it Anandi Ma also shares her story on her life and how she met her teacher. It's truly moving, beautiful and definitely one of my favorite books's one of those that's always by my nightstand and that I read almost annually. For me personally, Anandi Ma has not only been my meditation guru (teacher), but has been like a second-mother, a constant companion, a supporter in my ups & downs and most importantly has served as a faithful guide to me as I make my way through life. After being quite sick since April 2013, she had a heart attack this past May 2014. I remember when I heard the news, my heart dropped, I felt numb and my mind was in a could something like this happen, what will I do...she's my rock, my touchstone! Luckily, the by-pass surgery went well, but it left her quite weak. I offered to come help her for a while and thus got to spend much time this year doing seva (selfless service) for her; mostly related to cooking, running errands and doing things around the house. Despite the LONG days that left me feeling emotionally and physically tapped, I always knew she was giving me so much more than I could ever imagine...because even in the midst of so much pain, her eyes always sparkled, her lips always smiled and her heart continuously poured out LOVE. She was teaching me that despite pain or pleasure what we're given in life is one blessing after another, it's just up to us and how we want to view the plate that's been served in front of us because every obstacle provides us with an opportunity to grow stronger, more compassionate and more thoughtful for our future days. Saints like Anandi Ma are special because they truly do nothing for themselves, but everything for the welfare of their students and the world. Watching her and seeing her lead by example my whole life has been one of the most precious gifts I've ever been given. Her unending compassion and kindness always leave me speechless as well as striving to be a more loving version of myself. Her birthday is tomorrow, Oct 11 and and with my deepest gratitude and adoration, I wish her the longest life possible...full of healthy & care-free days, abounding joy and laughter and an multitude of sweet moments with the her students where she fills us up with love and gives us visions of the divine! Happy Birthday, Anandi Ma! I love you! Sita Ram! xo, Kajal Anandi Ma & Me

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