early morning eclipse. ANCIENT KNOWLEDGE.

December 10, 2011

ANCIENT YOGIC KNOWLEDGE: includes everything under the sun!

Numerous yogic texts tell us over and over that every human is a little walking universe....everything we see externally, we possess internally...it's just a matter of believing it and learning how to tap into that energy through meditation. Yogi's knew everything because they had the ability to close their eyes and tap into a whole different level of consciousness...the depth of knowledge yogi's would receive in meditation was AMAZING...very detailed, very specific, very accurate. They would meditate on EVERYTHING, at least everything that would influence or affect the soul's journey to our true selves, or as some say to God....so that includes topics like: how to keep the body healthy (Ayurveda), how to cook sattvic foods, lifestyle guidelines (yamas and niyamas), rituals to follow when you have your period, what kind of ceremony to do if certain planets affect your astrological sign in a negative way (Vedic Astrology), how to best build a house so that all the subtle energy fields can work together in harmony (Vastu), what to do before and after an eclipse...you name it and there is probably some ancient text that can tell you the most beneficial way to do it or deal with it. Well, last night was a full lunar eclipse...Indian scriptures explain that the energy field created during eclipses are not the most positive for worldly actions, however an amazing time for immersing yourself into your spiritual practices. Unlike most of the modern world that tries so hard to catch a glimpse of this natural phenomenon, basking in the rays of the eclipse...yogi's recommend that you make every effort to stay indoors and do NOT expose yourself to any of the rays. The rays are so powerful (in a negative way), that they even suggest showering after the eclipse is over to wash yourself of that energy as well as throwing away leftovers because cooked foods can absorb that negative energy....talk about detail. So...we cleaned out our fridge last night, stayed up late talking, set the alarms, and then got up this beautiful Saturday morning at 5:30 am  (yes, we did hit the snooze a few times). However, once up, we did some malas (a yogic practice that is similar to doing a rosary) and meditated until about 8am (which was the time frame that the eclipse was going to be visible in CA). No major insights discovered today, but definitely felt a lot of peace. Happy Eclipse Day!

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