Embracing change.

June 04, 2013

I've always heard that the one thing in life that's inevitable is change...but over the past few years this life lesson has been more and more prevalent. I'm learning that we can fear it or we can embrace it; it's really up to us because at the end of the day it's all about perspective and seeing the blessings behind everything that God sends our way... I bring up "change", because there's a lot of change happening for me and my family this summer...Hence why it's been a little quiet on my side; it's been a whirlwind around here lately. My husband...an awesome Californian general contractor (www.jdlucasbuilders.com) just accepted a fantastic job on the East Coast (Alexandria, VA to be exact). It's definitely exciting...and a huge relief on our bank account, but this opportunity means we'll be moving soon---and I have mixed emotions on the topic. :)


I've lived in Antioch, CA now for 12 years, so my heart is pretty deeply rooted here...not in the town or anything, but with the people and the community I've come to call home. My meditation teachers, Shri Anandi Ma and Dileepji, who are like a second set of parents to me live here, my mother lives here, and I've had the opportunity to call some pretty amazing people my friends here. Not to mention this is where I do countless hours volunteer work for Dhyanyoga Centers (an organization dear to my heart)..and it's where my husband and I met and made our first home. I get sad at the thought of leaving all of that. Of course, despite my attachments and sadness :), I definitely have a lot of gratitude for this opportunity. I'm really excited for my husband because minus the location, it is a dream job in his field where I know he'll be able to contribute a great deal as well as learn many new things. In addition, serendipitously my sister lives in the exact town that we'll be moving to, what a huge blessing...it will definitely give us a chance to spend more time together in our adult years, which will be fun and nourishing! And lastly, I guess this will give my hubbie and I a chance to explore the East coast, a coast that I really am not too familiar with. So like in the case of most big life changes, I get to dig deep and put into practice all the spiritual wisdom I've been blessed to read and hear through the years.... 1. Nothing is permanent---who knows, we could be back in a flash :). 2. When one door closes another opens---perhaps this opportunity will just be the beginning of a flood gate of opportunities that will bring us all sorts of spiritually rich goodies. 3. God and guru are always with you in spirit; guiding you and looking out for your best.---this will definitely give me the opportunity to dive even deeper into my meditation and yoga practices so that I can connect to the source in an even more intimate way. 4. At the end of the day, who we meet and what we do is largely based on our unresolved karma and what we need to go through to evolve spiritually. ---I truly believe this and know that good or bad, every person we run into, is someone we have little or big karma to resolve or finish up. And if we embrace our loved ones as well as those disguised as life lesson teachers with love and gratitude, the sooner we can walk in peace. 5. Whatever we leave to God, God does and blesses us.---this is one of my favorites that I turn to often...I have a little magnet with this quote hanging in my car. It's so easy to lose faith, but if we remind ourselves constantly that we don't have to carry the weight of the world on our shoulders, that we can leave it with God and know (and truly believe) that he will do what is in our best interest at all times; especially, those times when we can't understand or see the reasoning behind what's been handed to us, it's vital to remember that there's a bigger picture out there that we're not privy to. Everything is a blessing as long as we allow ourselves to be open to it. So that's my goal this summer...to have faith, stay open and to know that this move is just what we must need right now and it's only going to open up new doors that will help us evolve and bring us closer to our true selves! In the process I look forward to meeting and spending more time with my sister the yoga community on the east coast :)! I promise my next post will be recipe :)! Peace and love, Xo, Kajal

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