Fourth of July Favorites

July 03, 2013

Pilgrim of Life-watermarkWhat a summer it's been! I'm taking this awesome on-line class called Make Art That Sells....and I love it. It's definitely been a bigger commitment than I was expecting, but I'm thrilled at how much I'm learning and growing through it. So, this piece is my latest and greatest...and is dedicated to all those that take the time to learn life's lessons through things that come up during the daily grind. Everyday yogi's...pilgrims of life. Now, onto the food! For the long weekend I thought I would do a round up of my favorite picnic/BBQ recipes: [gallery columns="6" link="file" ids="2480,2761,4074,1369,1446,2476"] QUINOA & BLACK BEAN CAKES--- A great alternative for a veggie burger...just serve on a bun with all your favorite burger toppings. (GF, V) GRILLED ZUCCHINI WITH INDIAN RAITA--- as my husband says, this is summer wrapped up in a bite :)! Makes for a great side! (GF) QUINOA SALAD--- another great side, one that is light and refreshing! (GF, V) PASTA SALAD--- this is tastyt hot or cold, so depending on your plans this dish is pretty versatile. (To make GF just use GF pasta, and to make V just use a non-dairy parmesan) HOMEMADE STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE ICE CREAM--- this one's totally easy to make, tastes amazing and is fun to freeze and eat out of the little jars. (To make GF, just make sure to use GF graham crackers) CHEESECAKE STUFFED PEACHES--- these taste as good as they look...definitely one of my favorites! (It's naturally GF and can easily be made V by substituting the dairy with vegan alternatives) RICOTTA STUFFED PEARS- no baking, minimal prep, completely delicious! (GF, V) PLUM JELLY LIME SPRITZERS- You can make this spritzers with any kind of jam....homemade, small batch jams are the best for it though! GF- Gluten Free   |   V= Vegan   Happy July 4th everyone! xo, Kajal

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