Glazed Carrots & our Winners!

November 24, 2015

RECIPE: glazed carrots

Art Every Day Month has been awesome! If you haven't a chance to check out my daily drawings, you can view them all here. It's defintiely got me thinking outside of the box and trying new things! So, as Thanksgiving approaches here's my recipe for glazed carrots....a lovely Thanksgiving side. I hope you enjoy! Glazed Carrots, they draw and cook, recipes, thanksgiving side  

WINNERS: gratitude giveaway

GIVEAWAY, CARDS, YOGA INPSPIRED ARTAnd without further ado, I'm happy to announce our 4 winners that were picked out of a hat...and here's what they were grateful for:
  1. LINDY |  Water. The comfort of the sea at dawn. Pure rainwater on my skin. Clean water on tap in my home. San Pelligrino to drink. Bread and water can so easily be toast and tea. Sweat. Tears. And again........the sea.
  2. JENNY | Thankful for my family, the gift of motherhood, laughter, living in a place that people like to vacation, time, meaningful work, seeing moments of life through the perspective of others (including our dog’s and child’s), hugs and music. Just to name a few. 😉
  3. LEENA | I am grateful daily for God’s blessings that are everywhere (as evident of the creator of this newsletter!), loving relationships with family, serenity, joy, and good health! Also for being accepted to Grad school. 😉
  4. BECCA | Grateful to be born into the life I have with the gifts I have been given, and the awareness that I have an opportunity to share these gifts to make the world a better place in some small way.
I really appreciate everyone who entered, so as a token of gratitude I have a little something for each of you as well! For everyone who entered please send me your snail-mail address by 4 pm on Wed. Nov 25, so that I can mail the card sets to the winners + the little surprise for everyone else that entered! Just click here to email me. Many thanks, Kajal

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