I'll love you forever...

December 10, 2014

Before leaving for India, I had the pleasure of working on a commissioned, mixed-media art piece for a dear friend of mine. Her first grandchild was born this year, so she was inspired to give her daughter and granddaughter a very special first Christmas present that she hopes will be handed down from generation to generation. The parameters were that she wanted it to include a quote from her daughter's favorite childhood storybook and she wanted the piece to capture the essence of both baby and momma's names (Aviva=Springtime and Ravyn = black bird), astrological signs, birth month colors, etc, etc. And below is what I ended up creating...and I had a ball working on it! I'll Love you FOREVER_72dpi If you have piles of memorabilia that collect in a drawer or box of things like: event tickets from a show you saw in Paris, a quote from your favorite magazine, maps from your last camping trip, letters/cards that mean the world to you, photos you love but don’t want to frame, stamps or fortune cookie fortunes you’ve collected just cause you liked them...well, then why not create a custom piece of art out of them? Because some how these precious things get put away and rarely see the light of day, so instead, bring your favorite city, quote, vacation or box of memories to life as a mixed-media painting....that you can hang in your house, share with friends and admire daily. For more information, click here or contact me...and I'll get in touch with you when I get back from India...it'll be fun! Happy December Everyone, Love, Kajal

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