May 09, 2014

[caption id="attachment_4786" align="aligncenter" width="436"]Magic. | Kajal Dhabalia, 2014. Magic | by Kajal Dhabalia
prints available here.[/caption] Over the past few years I've met some many amazing people who have taken a leap of faith to "share their magic" with the world. There have been...photographers, several artists, a jewelry maker, a writer, a wood craftsman and a textile crafter... And then there was an herbalist/massage therapist, a therapist/astrologer, a gallery owner, a holistic doctor, a yoga teacher and a professional talk show host....and that's just a list of the top of my head. :) It's not an easy taking that have to follow your heart, believe in your magic, trust that the way things are unfolding are perfect for YOU and you have to learn to stay content even during the most challenging of days....because the pay off of when you actually touch someone with your gift is absolutely priceless! So, what's your magic? Are you sharing it with the world? xo, Kajal p.s. This is a great print to buy for any upcoming graduates you may know :).

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