Month of Shiva

August 09, 2016

Dear Friends, I hope this August is treating you well...meaning, I hope you are taking some to rest and rejuvenate before the Fall comes rushing in :). In the Indian Lunar calendar, we are currently in the month of Shravan, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Shiva is one of the main Hindu Gods, known for being a yogi, self-controlled and always in deep meditation. He is responsible for physical death and destruction as well as mental destruction in the form of our egos and falsehoods. Most importantly, he always has a way of shining the light on the benefits of meditation. Wholesome Soul | Shiva, meditation, Shravan Mas, yoga, grounded In Rishikesh, India, there is an amazingly gargantuan murti (statue) of shiva in the middle of the Ganges River. It is not only gorgeous but oh so inspiring! Some parts of the year, the statue is completely submerged into the water and at other times, he sits in all his glory above the water. As a daily meditator, this murti has so much meaning to me because I think it beautifully capture's his deepest teachings; whether we're submerged under the stress of everyday living or we're riding the gentle waves of enjoyment, a regular meditation provides a firm and stable asana (seat) so that one can stay balanced and grounded with life's constant ebbs and flows. So, as we take in these last weeks of summer, I hope you have the time to time to tap into the goodness of shiva and bring some of his beautiful teachings & inspiration into your practice so that when the busy-ness of fall comes, you are grounded and content. If you're new to meditation, all it takes is 5-20 minutes of closing your eyes. Just focus on your breath and being a witness instead of an active participant with your thoughts. At first, it may feel like a long time, but if you stick with it before you know it 20 minutes will be pass in a flash. I'd love to hear about your meditation practice and what you've found works for you---so leave a comment below :)! May this piece inspire you to keep up with your meditation practice! Lots of love, Kajal

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