My word for 2013.

January 03, 2013

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My word for 2013 is GROW....

GROW STRONG: Both mentally and physically I'm ready to look after my soul through sacred practices, constant inspiration, diet and exercise. GROW CENTERED: Grounding myself daily through quieting my mind and hearing the whispers in my heart. GROW RADIANT: Self Love x 100. GROW RELAXED: This year I'm going to play more. GROW OPEN: Love is going to dominate; not my fears. I want to be real and unashamed of my faults and weaknesses. GROW OUTWARD: I'm ready to take risks, step outside my comfort find my voice and step into my light. GROW INWARD: Looking forward to spending time with my Meditation teacher, Shri Anandi Ma...there's so much to learn about myself through my experiences with her. GROW CONTENT: I want to be happy as I am....with who I am and what I have. GROW SOLITUDE: I miss myself and am looking forward to really reconnecting and loving. GROW REFRESHED: Ready to be healthy, happy and excited within my daily routine. GROW CONNECTED: Within. And amongst other artists and seekers of truth. GROW WINGS: I've planted a lot seeds of intentions and am now ready to take flight.

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