peace and move forward.

November 09, 2011

peace and move forward.

It's not just a statement, it's a movement: PEACE AND MOVE FORWARD.... If only we all did that..maybe we'd be able to take responsibility for our actions more, mend friendships faster, live with less crime, have a senate that could find a middle ground and move something forward on issues...and maybe we'd choose peace instead of many things could and can be different depending on our attitude and how we choose to act. I met a great guy in a business class I took at the beginning of the year, named Gerry Dove of Gdove Designs. He's the founder of this movement and has spent the last few years creating a line of products to support the vision and movement he wants to share with the world. I just finished a journal cover design and a new slogan logo (that's still in the works) for him....I'm definitely excited to be a part of something so positive and uplifting! Thanks Gerry! If you get a chance, check out his website and products at

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