Planting our future meals

April 26, 2017

 Envisioning our feasts

I love this time of year; when all the envisioning we did in the winter, of the goodness we want to feast on during the summer months, goes into motion :). For the past few years, at the beginning of spring, the hubs and I have been starting our own seeds for our little garden patch. I absolutely love watching them go from seeds in dirt, to little seedlings peeking through, to full on shoots ready to be picked up for a new season in the big leagues--outside! Deciding every year what to plant is so hard...since we only have so much room....and time :). Tomatoes, squash, greens, peppers, herbs, berries...yum! These categories are just the tip of the iceberg; picking out varieties from there is a whole other ball game! For instance, the Tomato family is quite big; it's not just one Mr. & Mrs.'s Cherry, German Johnson, Golden Jubilee, Sunsugar, Green Zebra, Hillbilly, Cherokee, San Marzano....and the list goes on and on...and on. I'm learning that that's the beauty of starting from seed....the sky's really the limit!

Getting our hands dirty

Growing up I was never the gardening type...the idea of getting my hands dirty was not too high on my priority list. But then I married a boy who loves playing in dirt and has an amazing green thumb. The first year we were married I wasn't an eager beaver to get out there but over the years I've grown to love the process--even the weeding :). There is something magical about gardening, like painting; weeding is like prepping your blank canvas, picking out seeds is like picking out your colors and then planting your garden is like slowly adding color to your canvas... The difference is, a garden is a creative collaboration with nature that has so many moving parts outside of our control...sometimes seeds don't take, some weeks are super dry and some are super wet, and then there are hailstorms or freak frosts that come early or late in the season. But, for the most part in my experience, the sun and the rain and all the other elements seem to work in harmony so that we end up with quite a feast.

Waiting for their arrival

We just planted our babies this past weekend...and now the waiting game begins :). Can't wait to share pics of our bounty + some new recipes this summer :)! Do you have a veggie or herb garden? What did you plant this year? Leave a comment below...would love to hear what fresh delights you will be enjoying this summer. Lots of fresh, green love to you, Kajal  

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