January 09, 2012

pritiFOODSTAND of delectables.

Exciting news, this past Sunday we began our 6-week trial run of our pritiFOODSTAND of delectables. We are looking forward to helping make your work week easier by offering a variety of hand-made delectables for you to feast on throughout your day...whether you eat them for breakfast, lunch or dinner...we're sure you'll enjoy them and feel the love! WHAT: pritiFOODSTAND of delectables {lunchables |soups | snacks |sweets} When: Sundays (Jan 8- March 31, 2012) from 12:30- 1:30 pm * Where: Dhyanyoga Centers: 3306 Contra Loma, Blvd. Antioch, CA 94509 We will email different menus every Wednesday; quantities are limited, so if you want to reserve any items, just drop me an email and let me know before Saturday...or else things will be sold on a first come, first serve basis! For alternate pick up times, please contact me directly. Have a great week! * dates and times subject to change; please subscribe to our blog for weekly menu & logistics confirmation. [gallery columns="5"]


Here at pritiFOOD™, we take the finest quality ingredients, handcraft them with care and embed them with love.  The experience is intangible; you don’t taste it, smell it, or see it, but you FEEL it. For centuries, yogis have proved over and over that mantras and good intentions that are put in food have lasting effects on those that partake in these goodies. Try it out for yourself and see how you feel. . . and then share the love with your dear ones. All products are free of artificial preservatives, sweeteners, colors, flavors and hydrogenated fats and most importantly, made with all natural love.  At pritiFOOD 100% vegetarian means that none of our products contain: meat, poultry, fish, lard, eggs, gelatin, fish oils, animal broth or any bi product that had to kill an animal or it’s egg to use it.

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