show the world your MAGIC....

May 14, 2012

show the world your MAGIC...

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Had a super busy weekend....full of volunteer work (cooked up a storm...had a blast :)), attended an awesome workshop hosted at the Teahouse Studio in Berkley by Kelley Rae Roberts and Andrea Scher and had a wonderful time at a Mother's Day Tea and Satsang with Shri Anandi Ma...couldn't have asked for...!  My favorite nuggets of wisdom from my weekend was....
When things in life feel like they are falling apart or being actually is a really beautiful and exciting thing... it's the universe making room for something really great to happen...for something to sprout, blossom and grow! And every moment is EXACTLY where you should be...even if it doesn't make sense in the moment,,,hindsight is always 20/20, so trust the universe will take care of you! Figure out what your superpower is...and embrace's GRACE in disguise! SHOW THE WORLD YOUR MAGIC!
I absolutely fell in LOVE with the Tea House I'm putting it out there into the universe....sharing the pictures from this beautiful place and hoping that one day I'll have the opportunity of sharing an amazing studio space like this one....:)! [gallery]

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