Sprinkling Joy

December 01, 2016


Hello Friends!

As December begins (omg, where does the time go!), I hope you are excited about taking time to slow down, savor the goodness of family and friends coming together and most importantly, I hope you're finding time to feed your soul. What's on your Dec To-Do List? This month I plan on having a date in front of the fireplace with my holiday cards :), so that I can spread some holiday cheer :). One of my goals this year was to write one piece of snail mail a month...so what better way to end the year but by sending all my family and friends some holiday love. I miss snail mail--it's the best :).  I'm also excited about spending more time in the kitchen. That means there will course be a few holiday sweets involved...probably these Walnut, Coconut, Cream Cheese Shortbread Cookies and some Pistachio & Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies, but there will also be a lot of soup! When it gets cold out I love the savory smells of veggies stewing and seeing our kitchen windows fog up :). We make these two soups a lot in our house over the winter: Cannelli Bean & Kale Vegan Bisque and this Soba Noodle Soup. Of course, all these goodies are best enjoyed in the company of good friends. This year we're blessed to have a few dear friends visiting for the holidays, so I'm looking forward to adventures around town and snuggles on the couch. Last but not least, I'm looking forward to Happy Hour Yoga, a class that happens a few times a week at my local yoga studio. I especially LOVE it this time of the year because when I arrive it's light out and when I leave it's not only dark out, but everything is magically lit up!  I'm lucky right now because my yoga studio is a nice 1/2 hour walk from our house which means on the way home I get to enjoy Old Town Alexandria at it's best; tree lined streets lit up with lights, a town square festively decorated and shops & restaurants bustling with bundled up, holiday patrons. It really is the best time of the year :)!  What's on your Dec To-Do List? How are you feeding you soul this month? I enjoy and respond to each and every comment....so I hope you leave one below :)!  Here's to a happy and healthy December! Lots of love, Kajal [gallery type="rectangular" ids="9362,9361,9357,9355,3153"]

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