staying HYDRATED: Indian Limeade.

May 09, 2012

staying HYDRATED: Indian LIMEade....

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Although spring just arrived a few weeks ago here in Northern Cali it already feels like we've moved into summer :)...we've had temperatures in the high 80's since last week and staying hydrated is a must...because this is just the beginning :). The Bay Area has really  interesting micro-climates...50 minutes east of San Francisco the weather is night and day different. In the city it may be in the high 60's or low 70's while inland it'll in the 80's and 90''s nice knowing cool weather is just a hop, skip and jump away. My favorite--and extremely basic---HOT day beverage is homemade Indian LIMEade. I usually make my husband and I each, a big 32 oz bottle of it in the morning so that we have something that's not only hydrating but cooling to sip on...for at least the first half of the day :) (this stuff gets drunk pretty fast!). This year I found some great mini-Key West limes....they are de-lish...slightly sweeter and less sour than regular limes, I absolutely LOVE them. The real beauty of Indian Limeade is in the benefits of drinking it...we always through in a little pinch of salt because the combination of the sugar and salt makes for a great, natural electrolyte, which really helps to retain hydration....and unlike lemons (which are known to be heating in Ayurveda), limes are found to be naturally cooling! So, all in all, it's really great HOT day beverage....try it out at your first BBQ or picnic this year...I'm sure you'll get rave reviews for this one!

 Indian Limeade


  • 32 oz. filtered water
  • juice from 2 key west limes freshly squeezed or approximately 4 tablespoons fresh squeezed regular limes
  • 2 tablespoons sugar of your choice (I prefer turbinado)
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
DIRECTIONS for cooking
  1. Place all ingredients in bottle or jug and mix until fully combined. If you make it in a Nalgene bottle, I just close the bottle and shake for a minute. 
  2. Ideally, serve at room temperature*. 
  • Totally vegan!
  • Totally gluten-free!
  • Great for all body types.
  • *Ideally, it's best to drink this at room temperature, not with ice :). Ice actually makes the body work harder at trying to cool itself down, where as room temperature or hot beverages are easier for your body to assimilate. 

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