the power of MEDITATION....

April 27, 2012

the power of MEDITATION...

Today, I ran into this beautiful dialogue between Shri Anandi Ma and one of her student' really illustrates the power and benefit of meditation and spiritual practices...especially those done in a group. Reposting, with permission taken from Dhyanyoga Centers.

Satsang with Ma: Spiritual Practices In The Face Of Natural Disasters

Student: How can individual consciousness, and collective consciousness, be applied when natural disasters such as tsunamis and earthquakes occur? I try to be stoic and compassionate, but honestly, I find it quite devastating, both on a personal level and for the planet. So what kind of attitude should we have towards these events, and how can we apply our consciousness to helping the planet? Shri Anandi Ma: There are so many aspects in creation for which we do not have an answer. All we can do is accept these situations, however positive or negative. We should do whatever we can in terms of easing the pain and suffering of the people involved in such disasters. However, spiritual practice is the key way that we can help. The spiritual practices you do for your own growth release a tremendous amount of subtle positive energy, which has an etheric impact over all of creation. But aside from individual practice, group practices are especially powerful. When people get together in groups to do practices—a simple prayer or chanting, or more particularly, meditation—the collective energy that is put out is tremendous. It’s ten times the size of any tsunami. As more and more people search for the answer to the question, “Who am I?”, those negative attributes in Nature will definitely subside. When these natural disasters do occur, we should, of course, do whatever we can in an external way to help — but more importantly, we should definitely get together to do group practices.

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