Wanderlust: a mindful triatholon + art

October 13, 2015

A "Mindful Triathlon"...don't you love the sound of that :)?

Wanderlust is an organization whose mission is to create community around mindful living; with the core focus on yoga, eating well and being green. And to bring yogi's from all around the globe together, they've designed an event called Wanderlust 108---a mindful triathlon. And currently they're on tour hosting it in 108 different cities around world. [caption id="attachment_7023" align="aligncenter" width="650"]IMG_2449 Wanderlust DC 108 | Loved seeing so many yogi's strike a pose at the same time![/caption] This is how Wanderlust describes their triathlon: [caption id="attachment_7026" align="alignright" width="249"]IMG_2389 A full schedule![/caption] "Wanderlust 108 is a triathlon unlike any you’ve ever known. This “mindful triathlon” brings three events together in your favorite local park: a 5k run/walk, an outdoor yoga class, and a guided meditation — but with a twist. Unlike most triathlons, we place community above competition, inner peace above power, and self-awareness above strength. We prefer slow food to fast run times. For us, winning is measured in laughs shared and new friends made. While we’re pretty sure you’ll be challenged during the day, we are equally sure you’ll have a great time doing so. From live bands and DJs on our main stage, to lawn activities like hooping and acroyoga, to our local food and craft vendors, there’s a lot to do when you’re not on your mat."

Wanderlust 108 D.C.

[caption id="attachment_7024" align="aligncenter" width="650"]IMG_2466 Team Wholesome Soul :) | Hubbie, me and my mom.[/caption] A few weeks ago I had the good fortunate to host a booth for Wholesome Soul at Wanderlust 108 D.C., where 1500 yogi's made their way together for a day of yoga and mindful living. As someone who's a practicing yogi and that enjoys exercise, hatha yoga, meditation and a fresh diet, it was awesome to see how this event brought so many people together from different walks of life. Best of all, it was a diverse mix of cultures, body sizes, skill levels and interests! It actually reminded me of one of my new pieces called "Divine Life Travel, which reads, "We have to take our mind, body and whole self with us on that path. How fortunate then that yoga meets us wherever we are". Isn't that they truth...no matter where you are physically, mentally or spiritually---once you start a yoga practice (hatha or meditation)---the practice meets you at where you are....you just have to start. [caption id="attachment_7029" align="aligncenter" width="650"]Wholesome Soul Booth NEW PRODUCTS! Prints, cards and magnets! Just click...here.[/caption] One of my favorite parts of the day was watching 1500 yogis do a group yoga class led by MC Yogi. Not only was it a beautiful sight to see everyone strike a pose at the same time, but the peaceful energy that everyone was tuning into and radiating was truly inspiring. [caption id="attachment_7032" align="aligncenter" width="650"]Wholesome Soul | Rest In the Still Point NEW ART | Magnets & Cards available...here.[/caption] I'm sure everyone was there for different reasons...some probably were there for the exercise, some might have been there to meet fellow kindred spirits and others might have come just out plain old curiousity. Whatever the case, it was an amazing to see yoga uniting people and reminding them to "Rest in the Still Point". If you're a practicing yogi, who enjoys exercise, yoga and meditation....click here to see if they'll be coming to a city near you...it's definitely worth checking out. With lots of love & gratitude, Kajal

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