Satsang Art Print

Satsang (being in the presence of truth) has always been an essential part of the yogic path. Traditionally, satsang was a time when students gathered to receive spiritual instruction directly from a qualified teacher whose company was uplifting, giving them an opportunity to engage in spiritual discourse to gain inspiration and insight. 

As a modern day yogini, I've found that satsang is still equally as relevant and important as it was back in the day.

I'm lucky to have a Guru (spiritual teacher) with whom I've spent countless afternoons engaged in satsang which have left me satiated with gratitude, inspiration and a deeper knowledge of getting closer to the goal of life.

But I've also equally found valuable are time when I get to gather with family, friends and fellow yogi's that lift my spirits. When we gather our satsang can take different forms, occasionally we attend a kirtan together, sometimes we discuss a great spiritual text over coffee, often we partake in cooking a delicious and wholesome meal together, but always we lift each others spirits and support each other through all our life lessons.

May this piece serve as gratitude to your own scared circle of satsang.

This print reads, "Keeping good company...Satsang...a source of inspiration to each other." 


Reproductions are matted to fit any 11”x14” frame

These high quality prints are printed using archival inks + paper and have a stunning luster finish. Prints arrive matted, signed, titled, and securely packaged by me.


    These high quality prints have a stunning finish. To really make these prints pop on a wall, before framing, we suggest taking the print to your favorite framing store and have a custom matte cut to the specification of the print + frame of your choice. Generally, at Michael’s or other major craft stores, a custom matte runs about $15-20. Once framed, you will have a beautiful piece of art on your wall that will surely make a sweet statement.

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