About Kajal Dhabalia

ABOUT KAJAL DHABALIA | artist. illustrator. everyday yogini 

Hi, my name is Kajal Dhabalia and I’m a graphic designer by trade and at heart a devout lover of yoga, food and art. Basically---I love all things creative and spiritual.

In 2001, after college, I was blessed to have the opportunity to live with my meditation teacher, Shri Anandi Ma. During those seven years, outside of my 9-5 day job, I was immersed in learning about meditation, yogic cooking, natural home remedies and the importance of staying inspired.

My yoga practice and time spent with my guru taught me to dig deep and tap into my soul, where the language is universal and all roads lead to the same happy place. It’s here that I learned that faith, love, and kindness are the language of the soul. Faith gives us hope. Love reminds us just how powerful we are. And kindness teaches us that in the end we are all the same. And together---they unite us.

So now, I create globally inspired collections of art and gifts. And, I provide design services to holistic practitioners and entrepreneurs. My aim is to simply articulate through beautiful design the inspiration and uplifting messages that my clients want to share with the world.


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