How do you want to present yourself to the world?

Whether you’re a therapist, yoga teacher, life coach or nutritionist, you went to school to get versed in your specialty so you could share your gifts, knowledge and love with the world. The next step is setting up your business so that you can begin working with the people you want to serve.

As an entrepreneur, I understand it’s not easy starting your own business. The learning curve is steep and paying for expert services can add up fast.

However, your logo and marketing materials are SO important!  They present the face of your business to potential clients and to the world.  You want to make sure they represent YOU....because first impressions are a vital step in building a strong foundation.

Stretch Your Budget & Feel Confident

After numerous inquiries from holistic practitioners who felt a connection with my work, but were in the early stages of their business, I was inspired to create an affordable and chic alternative to custom design work. My semi-custom design services allow you to use resources wisely so you can stretch your budget and feel confident putting your best foot forward.  

Our array of mix-and-match, curated color palettes, along with a limited number of licenses per design, means you’re able to feel confident about your unique identity in a sea of other practitioners.

In addition, when you purchase the brand guide along with your logo, you will be armed with a unique set of design elements that can be sprinkled throughout your website and marketing materials to create a DIY beautiful and cohesive brand identity.

Most importantly, when you're left with extra cash in your pocket, you can spend time decorating an inspiring office/studio space, building your community of clients and enjoy discounted custom design services with me.