Annapurna Art Print

Annapurna is the patron goddess known for cooking for the soul through love, spice and knowledge of the divine, may this piece bring inner deliciousness to those that tap into her.

It reads, “Annapurna Blessings, cooking with love, provides food for the soul.” 

MEDIUM: Watercolor + Pen

GIFT GUIDE: Perfect for gifting cooks, aspiring chefs and those that want to start a wellness regimen focused on clean eating and cooking for the soul. 


Reproductions are matted to fit any 11”x14” frame

These high quality prints are printed using archival inks + paper and have a stunning luster finish. Prints arrive matted, signed, titled, and securely packaged by me.


    These high quality prints have a stunning finish. To really make these prints pop on a wall, before framing, we suggest taking the print to your favorite framing store and have a custom matte cut to the specification of the print + frame of your choice. Generally, at Michael’s or other major craft stores, a custom matte runs about $15-20. Once framed, you will have a beautiful piece of art on your wall that will surely make a sweet statement.

    © Kajal Dhabalia - All rights reserved. Copyright is not transferable with the sale of any originals, prints or merchandise. The buyer is not entitled to reproduction rights.


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