Semi-Custom Brand Guide Add-on

Benefits of a Brand Guide 

When you're first starting out, it's not always easy to create a beautiful and cohesive looking brand identity. And that's where a Brand Guide becomes an invaluable tool. It's like a map that helps you put together a complete picture. 

Our semi-custom brand guides provides exact fonts, colors, alternate logo options and additional design elements to help you DIY your own marketing materials. And to make it as user-friendly as possible, we provide an easy to use PDF reference guide along with a folder organized with individual jpegs of all the design elements, so that can then easily be sprinkled throughout your website, business cards and brochures. 

Seriously, awesome value...with endless benefits :). 


*This option is available only because you already purchased a semi-custom logo. It is not an option to buy as a stand-alone item. 

TERMS + USAGE AGREEMENT - Upon purchase of this design service, user agrees to the following terms.
- Logo name + tagline sizes will vary depending on total number of characters and what looks best aesthetically.
- Under the curated color palette options, a variety of sample names + tagline have been created to show how various word lengths might look.
- For those that would like to use their own, specific #hex color values for a personalized color palette (4-6 colors), this can be done for an additional $129.
- Under this agreement, logos + brand guides are available as is. They cannot be changed or altered.
- Custom Name, max 20 characters
- Custom Tagline, max 20 character
- Each design has a limited number of licenses; 50 licenses per design.
- Client has full usage rights of design elements purchased for their business.
- Client does not have right to re-sell logo, brand guide or additional design elements to any third-party.