Shiva Magnet

Shiva is one of the main Hindu Gods, known for being a yogi, self-controlled and always in deep meditation. He is responsible for physical death and destruction as well as mental destruction in the form of our egos and falsehoods.

In Rishikesh, India, there is an amazingly gargantuan murti (statue) of shiva in the middle of the Ganges River. It is not only gorgeous but oh so inspiring! Some parts of the year, the statue is completely submerged into the water and at other times, he sits in all his glory above the water.

As a daily meditator, this murti has so much meaning to me because I think it beautifully capture’s his deepest teachings; whether we’re submerged under the stress of everyday living or we’re riding the gentle waves of enjoyment, a regular meditation provides a firm and stable asan (seat) so that one can stay balanced and grounded with life’s constant ebbs and flows.

May this piece inspire you to keep up with your meditation practice!

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Besides adding beauty and inspiration to your fridge, our 20 mil weight, 4x5 magnets  are also perfect for:

  • adding a "little something" into a thank you/ feel better/ you’re the best card for a friend...
  • slipping into a holiday stocking or a goodie bag.
  • sprucing up your office cabinets with a little love and a splash of color.

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