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Dosha Consult


Discover your Ayurvedic Dosha (mind-body type) and your unique constitutional tendencies towards imbalance and balance.

Learn Your Dosha


Learn the basics of Ayurvedic well-being pillars and what goes into building your own personalized self-care toolbox.

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Get support for deep growth, transformation and change, so that ultimately you can deepen trust in your own innate wisdom.

Work With Me 1:1
Living your best life isn't as easy as it sounds. If you're here, chances are that somewhere along your well-being journey you've felt overwhelmed, exhausted or lost. Maybe even all three. I know I have.

My Approach to Well-Being

Nourish Your Whole Being

Physical Health

Using the science of ayurveda I teach and guide my client on how to build a personalized self-care toolbox based on their specific dosha (mind-body) type

Mental Health

Through coaching, I help my clients learn how to tune into their body. And train their brain to sift through thoughts, fears and self-limiting beliefs to see a situation for what it really is.

Spiritual Health

I introduce my clients to the power of meditation, an all-in-one tool that can ground the mind, energize the body and connect one to the infinite well of peace that resides in their soul.

Sleep Better  |  Relieve Stress  |  Grow Personally  |  Increase Energy Levels  |  Improve Relationships

Discover Your Purpose  |  Deepen Your Spirituality

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Hi, I'm Kajal Dhabalia, the founder of Wholesome Soul, a well-being boutique that’s rooted in the wisdom of ayurveda, meditation and coaching. Through individual coaching, classes and tools, I help everyday soulful humans create daily self-care and mindset practices that nourish their whole being—so that as life's constant ups and downs unfold, they're able to ride those waves as equipped, skilled and inspiring forces of nature.

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Love the idea of starting a meditation practice, but don’t know how or where to begin?

Dabbler TO Daily

The course on how to cultivate a daily meditation practice so that the calmest place on earth is right inside of you.

Designed for new and seasoned meditators, in this 4-week course, learn how to go from feeling stressed, distracted and easily anxious to feeling calm, focused and content as you experience the power of meditation and a daily practice.

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We are agents of change.
On a mission to shine more light into the world.
Inspired by wellness and looking within.
Everyday is devoted to making a difference.
And together, we are a force to reckon with.

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