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a well-being boutique rooted in the wisdom of ayurveda, meditation, and yogic philosophy

Living your best life isn't as easy as it sounds.

If you're here, chances are that somewhere along your well-being journey you've felt overwhelmed, exhausted or lost. Maybe even all three. I know I have.

maybe you

  • struggle to keep up and stay motivated—and fall into old patterns.
  • deeply crave self-care—but don't even know where to begin.
  • feel unsatisfied with your work or relationships—and long for more purpose and direction.
  • have desperately wanted to figure out a way to quiet your busy mind and outspoken inner critic—because no matter what you do or achieve you never feel happy or satisfied.

What you do know is that you're ready to feel:

  • happier and more energized 
  • healthier and more nourished,
  • calmer and more focused,
  • braver and more confident,
  • lighter and more inspired.

Health is not just the absence of disease. It’s an inner joyfulness that should be ours all the time; a state of positive wellbeing.

- Deepak Chopra

That's where I come in :)

Hi, I’m Kajal Dhabalia, the founder of Wholesome Soul, a well-being boutique that specializes in individually tailored self-care to help soulful humans through all seasons of life.

I offer 1:1 coaching, classes and on-going inspiration to help holistically-minded individuals develop nourishing ayurvedic routines, energizing meditation practices and supportive growth mindsets—so that as life’s constant ups and down unfold, they’re able to ride those waves as an equipped, skilled and inspiring forces of nature. :)

Check out my offerings below, and let’s see how we can work together!

Onward + Upward,

maybe you

My 3 Tools for Transformation

What I love most about these ancient tools + teachings is how they adapt with life’s changing currents. It’s definitely not a one size fits all approach to wellbeing. The practice of meditation and ayurveda take into account the whole spectrum of life. How to support oneself through changing seasons and the evolution of life—inside and out. Truly a beautiful symphony of mind, body and spirit.


is a science-based personalized, preventative and practical approach to health. Making your daily routine a powerful expression of love, healing and evolution/consciousness.


is what my meditation teacher, my Guru Shri Anandi Ma calls, food for the soul. It's the only practice I know that truly impacts our whole being-- all at once. Calming the mind, rejuvenating the body and enlightening the soul. And, that's why it's at the core of everything I teach, share and personally do.


helps you get from where you are to where you want to go. If you're ready to commit to change-- then it's a powerful place to learn how to tap into your wisest self, shift limiting beliefs and create daily practices that support you living your best life.

Get Started

Dosha Consult


Discover your Ayurvedic Dosha (mind-body type) and your unique constitutional tendencies towards imbalance and balance.

Learn Your Dosha


Learn the basics of Ayurveda well-being pillars and what goes into building your own personalized self-care toolbox.

Register For a Class


Get support for deep growth, transformation and change, so that ultimately you can deepen trust in your own innate wisdom.

Work with Me 1:1

Kajal Dhabalia

Coach | Creative
Everyday yogini

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The Start

In 1996, the summer after I graduated from high school, I was diagnosed with hypo-thyroid. I was overweight, constantly tired and depressed. Despite my parent's best intentions, growing up had been stressful and the state of my body was a clear indication of it. I knew something needed to change but I had no idea where to begin.

But, then in college something magical happened— I took my first yoga class.

That was the start of my well-being journey. All the seeds of well-being that my parents had consciously and unconsciously planted began sprouting. It was such an amazing period in my life. I developed a deep affinity for all things that would nurture my life and illuminate my soul. I attended hatha yoga classes religiously, started a daily meditation practice, devoured all the spiritual books I could get my hands on and became very aware of my diet and lifestyle. Before I knew it, my daily practices became a bridge from my external world to a much bigger universe inside of me. I was on an all-natural high---my inner happiness was brimming and I felt so much peace and love. It was awesome---and I was inspired.

By the time I graduated, I had lost 40 lbs, had an incredible amount of energy and just felt so happy.


Dhyanyoga Centers

Active member 1984 - present

  • Completed Shri Anandi Ma’s Advanced Meditation/Mantra Training Series
  • Attended over 175+ workshops and retreats focused on meditation, hatha yoga, mantra, japa, yogici cooking, pranayama, tratak and yogic philosophy.
  • Devoted Volunteer Cook; so far I've helped plan and cook for 400+ (big and small) events!
  • Regular weekly meditation group member

Chopra Center

Avid follower 1996 - present

  • Certified Ayurvedic Health Educator
  • Certified Meditation Teacher
  • Certified Total-Well-being Coach (2021)



  • Science of Wellbeing Certification

University of Denver

B.A. Communications + Digital Media Studies, class of 2000 

Personal Development

Personal Daily Spiritual + Wellness Practices

1996 - present

Diving In

In 2001, after college, I was blessed to have the opportunity to live with my meditation teacher, my Guru Shri Anandi Ma. During those seven years, outside of my 9-5 day job, I was immersed in learning about meditation, yogic cooking, natural home remedies,  the importance of seva (selfless service) and staying inspired.

Those years really shaped me from the inside out. I got to learn first-hand the importance and immense impact that a daily routine and spiritual practice can have –not just on the mind and body, but on a much deeper soul level. It was there that I was introduced to Ayurveda, the science of life---where every decision we make throughout the day…from what we eat, how long we sleep, who we surround ourselves with and what we fill our day with ultimately shapes our reality…and our entire state of wellbeing.

Sharing the Magic

Wholesome Soul has always been my vehicle to share my love for all things creative + spiritual. And, as I’ve evolved, it has too.

After working for an international yoga + meditation organization for 6 years, in 2012 I started Wholesome Soul as a personal blog. A place where I could share recipes + reflections as an everyday yogini.

In 2013, I introduced collections of art + gifts to help yoginis take the inspiration found on the mat into their everyday lives. In 2017, Wholesome Soul officially became my creative design boutique where I added in design + strategy services to help holistic professionals grow their business, while still creating collections of art + gifts to help everyday soulful women stay inspired and connected to the divine. At that time my work was featured in magazines like Yoga Journal, Spirituality + Health and Day Spa Magazine.

Then in 2020 when the pandemic hit, my life was turned upside and I had to close my online store. As unexpected and hard as that transition was, it also opened up a new door for me. It inspired me to become a Chopra Certified Total Well-being Coach + Ayurveda/Meditation Educator. The perfect next step that’s allowed me to formalize my life’s experiences as well as my love for yoga, meditation and ayurveda.

So now in 2022, 10 years later, as I’ve evolved, I’m so proud of Wholesome Soul’s evolution as a well-being boutique that specializes in individually tailored self-care to help soulful humans through all seasons of life.

Through 1:1 coaching, classes and tools, I’m excited and honored to now support clients on their total well-being journey!

Here’s to going onward, inward and upward from here!


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As Seen In

Turn to the divine in whatever way you imagine it and serve it in devotion and adoration and gratitude and praise, asking it constantly and humbly to illumine your mind with sacred wisdom, keep your heart on fire with a passion of compassion for all beings, and keep filling your body with sacred energy for whatever work it calls you to do in the world.

wholesome soul manifesto

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