5 Ways to Navigate Through Chaotic and Uncertain Times

change reflections uncertainty Feb 14, 2020



Despite having an awesome trip to India that definitely altered me for the best—coming back home and stepping back into my daily routine has ALMOST felt like I’m picking up feeling where I left off at the end of December….chaotic, overwhelmed and a little melancholy. The current rainy and gray weather is probably not helping. But honestly, after the holidays are over and a new year begins, I generally feel more of a sense of calm, hope and a renewed faith in life…especially after a meditation retreat in India.



Interestingly enough, 4 out of 5 people I’ve talk to this week have been feeling the same intense feelings….like their inner world is reflecting the chaos and uncertainty of the current state of the world…of course on a much smaller scale but in a much more personal and intense way.  

Issues were varied, but the common thread is a feeling of chaos and uncertainty about the future. For some it was showing up as….being swamped at work with unrealistic deadlines, helping aging family members with health and living issues, grappling with the idea of moving for a dream job that doesn’t necessarily have the security of the current one has, being promoted  but having to now juggle new responsibilities as well as old ones, wrestling with the idea of moving to a new city 6 weeks before her first baby is due, realizing an unhealthy relationship might have to come to an end and learning that a good friend might be having a psychotic break and not knowing how to exactly help them….basically a lot chaos and uncertainty both on personal and professional fronts.



My trip made me realize there is a juxtaposition to how things use to be. Intense chaos and uncertainty seem to now live side by side with beauty and blessings, making our modern times feel more intense than ever—and also unfortunately, more of a norm than ever. But as I reflected a little longer on my trip, I was reminded that we do have tools to help us navigate the intensity, so that we can be more resilient through life and its changing landscape. 



  1. Meditate Daily – Even if that means starting with 5 minutes–start with 5 minutes and work your way to more. Taking time at the beginning of your day to get centered, quiet and grounded can do amazing things as you deal others and the challenges that come up throughout your day. The best part is that it not only impacts you, but those around you as well.
  2. Choose Your Perspective – As you catch yourself getting grumpy, focusing on the negative or feel fear creeping into your day…stop and count your blessings. By reflecting on the good and giving gratitude to those around you, it allows us to adjust our perspective as we reflect and strategize on the more challenging things….because in the end it’s up to us to decide if the glass is half empty or half full. 
  3. Keep Yourself Nourished – When I say nourished I definitely mean through regular meal times that are filled with fresh and whole foods, but also by including ample time for exercise…walking, stretching and breathing in fresh air can do wonders for the soul and letting go of those things weighing on your shoulders. 
  4. Lean on Your Kindreds – Having a group of friends or community of like-minded people that you can lean on can make a huge difference; especially if you choose quality over quantity. Real and deep human connection can positively impact your stress levels, feelings around worthiness and belonging and most importantly, remind you that you are human too (as imperfectly perfect that we all are).
  5. Be Kind to Yourself – Know your limits and boundaries and then take steps to be kind and thoughtful to yourself. Because it’s only when you take care of yourself that you can truly, wholeheartedly be present, focused and receptive to others. So that could mean going to bed early so that you can get a good night’s sleep, squelching negative self talk with self love, waking up 15 minutes earlier so that you can start a daily meditation practice, leaving work at a reasonable time, making time over the weekend to do a little menu planning for nourishing weeknight meals, opting for a walk rather than just couch time after dinner or scheduling in dates with friends that feed your soul. 

How do you navigate through times of chaos and uncertainty in your life?

Who and what tools do you lean on? 

Here’s to navigating and staying inspired through life together!


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