The Loveliest Day of the Year

change coaching happiness rituals uncertainty Jan 31, 2023
The Loveliest Day of the Year- Kajal Dhabalia

What does the loveliest day of the year look like for you? 

For me, the loveliest day of the year is when I feel 100%  in my skin—content with who I am, what I'm doing, where I'm at. That’s the loveliest feeling. However, it's not always an easy feeling to get to…and often a very hard feeling to maintain. 
If life has taught me anything, it’s that feeling 100% yourself has nothing to do with what’s going on outside of us, but everything to do with what’s going on inside us. By creating external measures of happiness or benchmarks of when we can be content—we set ourselves up for disappointment, negative self-talk or failure—often drowning ourselves in should’ves, would’ves and could’ves.
Don’t get me wrong here though—I’m a total type A at heart. I think goal setting, getting clear on what you want and what your intentions are is super important. And putting together a plan to reach those goals, intentions and vision is paramount for growth. The problem is when we fall short of our external measures and begin to see those deficiencies as a reflection of ourselves. We end up judging ourselves for not meeting a certain criteria….whether its with our careers, our weight, in our relationships—in so many vast ways we judge ourselves harshly for not being perfect—so much so that it starts to hold us back. 
The problem is life rarely unfolds how we want it to. So, how do we factor in the unexpected? How do we stop judging ourselves? How do we grow and evolve rather than hold ourselves back? 
You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.
- CS Lewis

Ready for change...but don't know where to start?

I'd love to help you on your journey. Coaching is an excellent tool to help bring about growth, transformation and change -- ultimately deepening trust in your own innate wisdom. It's a very spiritual journey. And, my coaching practice is unique in that it's steeped in eastern wisdom and meditation, coupled with evidence- based positive psychology and coaching practices. 

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"Every session brought change! I loved working with Kajal—our sessions made me feel empowered, calm and excited about my own life and work I do."
- Be Luecke




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