9 Benefits of Deep + Restful Sleep

ayurveda self-care sleep wellbeing pillar Aug 10, 2022
Sleep Better, Wake Up Happier - Masterclass w/ Kajal Dhabalia


Why Sleep is Important

In my opinion, sleep is one of the best kept secrets in modern society. Despite it being an amazing tool, it's often underrated and definitely under utilized. Although it may seem like we're not "doing anything", sleep is actually a very active, dynamic state. There's a lot of important work happening behind the scenes.

It's also a beautiful reminder that there's always divine consciousness working behind the scenes for our well-being. 😊


After-Hour Tasks Your Body Performs While You're Sleeping

During sleep the body-mind unit repairs and rebuilds itself-- carrying out processes that are vital for our physical and mental health. In Ayurveda, there are two main sleep cycles. The Pitta cycle from 10pm-2 am is when the physical body restores itself through a process of detoxification and rejuvenation. And then from 2am-6am the vata cycle begins, and that's when there's more of a mental detoxification that happens.

Pitta Cycle: 10pm - 2am

  • The body repairs and regenerates cells and tissues
  • Cortisol levels to go down so that the mind and body can take a break from being on high-alert
  • The immune system releases small proteins called cytokines, that help your body fight inflammation, infection and trauma
  • The sympathetic nervous system finally rests
  • Rejuvenating hormones flood the body to help regulate metabolism

Vata Cycle: 2am - 6am

  • The brain sorts and stores information from the day
  • It releases and detoxifies itself through dreams
  • And, it's at this time your brain processes and creates long-term memories


9 Benefits of Deep + Restful Sleep

Sleep is an amazing, yet extremely under-utilized well-being tool. When you're able to make sleep a priority, the benefits can be endless. Here are 9 reasons to start prioritizing your sleep:

  • You'll get sick less often
  • You'll experience less inflammation
  • You'll have better digestion
  • You'll lower your risk for serious health problems like diabetes and heart disease
  • You'll reduce stress
  • You'll improve your mood
  • You'll think more clearly
  • You'll be more productive
  • You'll get along with people better

The long and the short is that sleep is truly an act of love-- for yourself and those around you :).

The pandemic definitely influenced sleep routines for many; I know it did mine. If you struggle with getting to sleep, staying asleep, getting restful sleep or want to expand your self-care toolbox, join me in my next Lifestyle Medicine Class....where we tackle sleep and so many other well-being pillars. 


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